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Playing Push Your Luck

“Push Your Luck” is a side bet variation of Blackjack. It has its own unique layout with a circle for Players to make a “tie bet” wager. The “tie bet” is a wager the Player and the house hands push.

Limits : $1 - $25

  • Winning “tie bet” wagers pay 10 to 1.
  • Players make a “PYL” wager by placing a chip in the circle marked “tie bet” in addition to their primary Blackjack wager.
  • The “tie bet” cannot exceed ½ the amount of the Player’s primary Blackjack wager (maximum of $25).
  • Players only win when the Dealer’s hand pushes with the Player’s hand and loses all other hand totals including hands that “bust”. A Player/Dealer bust does not constitute a push.
  • When a hand is split, Players who have made a “tie bet” along with the primary Blackjack wager have the option to make additional “tie bet” wagers on the additional hands. Otherwise, the “tie bet” will apply to the original Blackjack hand dealt.
  • Only a natural, two-card Blackjack ties another Blackjack.
  • All other Blackjack rules of play apply.