Making A Difference

Our Philosophy:

At Gila River Casinos, we are committed to creating meaningful change in the communities we reside in through our philanthropic efforts and Team Member volunteerism. The partnerships created through Gila River Gaming Enterprises are invaluable to the community and the organizations in which they serve. Some of the key partnerships of Gila River Gaming Enterprises are:


Corporate Giving Guidelines:

Gila River Casinos corporate philanthropy focuses on the following areas of areas of giving:

  • Native American causes
  • Nationally recognized health concerns (i.e. heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.)
  • Substance abuse and/or drug dependence
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental illness
  • Literacy
  • Local Chambers of Commerce and Municipalities


How to apply for a donation:

Any Arizona 501c3 non-profit organization may apply for both monetary and in-kind donations from Gila River Casinos by sending a letter with a specific ask on the non-profits letterhead to:

Gila River Casinos
Attention: Melody Hudson, PR Manager
PO Box 6790
Chandler, AZ 85246

Please be sure to include the organization's tax exempt ID number and complete information surrounding the event such as the event date, place and time. Additionally, pertinent information about the organization such as a description of programs that a donation to the organization will fund and a listing of the organizations Board of Directors is always appreciated in considering a request.  Once a donation request is received, Gila River Casinos will review the request and respond with an outcome in 90 days for monetary requests, and 30 days for non-monetary requests. Please note any requests received with less than 90 days for monetary requests, and 30 days for non-monetary requests to process the request will not be considered. Additionally, Gila River Casinos will not consider requests from a for-profit organization, a 3rd party organization, individuals, or an event with individuals under the age of 21 present.