Wokin' Hot Daily Specials

  • Mondays: All Uncle Woo's Fried Rice
    $2 off all day
    *Not available for chop chop specials.
  • Tuesdays: All Noodle Dishes
    $2 off all day
    *Includes Lo Mein, Jeweled Beef, and New Wave Pad Thai. Not available for chop chop specials.
  • Wednesdays: All Appetizers
    $2 off all day
  • Thursdays: Combo Heaven
    $7.99 all day

Ling & Louie’s is a first come, first serve restaurant.

Reservations can only be made if you are in a group of over 8 people, in which you can contact our Business Development Manager, Phil Perry at 480.276.7265 or 1.800.wingila extension 8933.

Wokin' Hot Daily Specials Image